Anesthesia at Sunnymead Animal Hospital

Veterinary Technician Monitoring Anesthesia

We use only the safest inhalant anesthetics, all patients are maintained using isoflurane or sevoflurane. While your pet is under anethesia, she is monitored by our staff until she has fully recovered.


Each technical staff member ungoes hours of training, pass an exam and be approved by the doctors before they are allowed to monitor your pet's anesthesia. Additionally each staff member has to recertify once a year.

Each staff member is trained in:

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of anesthetic equipment.
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Vital Signs monitoring
  • Use of advanced monitoring equipment such as
    • Blood Pressure Equipment
    • Capnograph (CO2 monitor)
    • Pulse-Oximeter

Equipment Maintenance

All of our anesthetic machines are subjected to daily, monthly and quarterly maintenace schedules that are completed by our trained staff. Once a year, all machines are fully inpected and certified by a professional anesthetic systems technician.