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Sunnymead Animal Hospital

Welcome to Sunnymead Animal Hospital. Thank you for trusting us to care for your pet. It is our mission to provide the highest quality of veterinary care to the most people possible.

Lobby Hours

Monday through Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday:8am to 3pm
We are closed on Sundays and major holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Vaccinations For Dogs:

DAP (Distemper/Adenovirus/Parvo)

Vaccinations For Cats:

FVRCP (Feline Distemper)
LVK (Feline Leukemia)

Medication refills:

Please allow a 24 hour notice on all medication refills. All medications refills must be reviewed and approved by a doctor. If you walk in to pick up a refill without calling or emailing 24 hours ahead of time, we may not be able to fill the medication immediately.

Some medications may require an examination and/or a specific blood test(s) in order to be refilled, please plan accordingly.

Refill requests can be made over-the-phone, via email, through your Pet Portal, via our free App or on our online pharmacy. We will notify you when the medication is ready to be picked up

Patient Arrival

We make every effort to ensure our patients feel comfortable when visiting our hospital. Some pets can behave very differently in unfamiliar surroundings with other pets and new smells. We ask you to properly restrain your pet at all times while in the hospital or on the grounds. All dogs must be on leash and all cats should be brought in cat carriers. If you do not have a leash or cat carrier, we will be happy to lend you one.


To allow sufficient time for all patients and scheduled surgical procedures, we operate by appointment only. Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client in a timely manner and ask all patients to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment.

We do accept a limited number of emergency cases throughout the day, depending on doctor and staff availability. Please call before coming to our location as we may be at capacity and unable to provide the care your pet requires. If we are unable to accept your emergency case, our staff will direct you to the nearest service provider that is capable of handling your pet's case. Emergency cases receive top priority, which is why occasional appointment delay is inevitable. Please bear with us if an emergency should arrive during your scheduled appointment time. We will do our best to communicate delays with you and reschedule where appropriate.

Surgical drop offs occur between 8:00am and 8:30am. Patient intake is generally in the order they arrive. Surgical drop offs are for verifying the procedure and making sure no health changes have occured since the last exam.

Transfer from Emergency - we understand that many local emergency hospitals close during the day and you must transfer your pet to your primary care provider for daytime hospitalization. Please call us before you come to our location so we can make sure we have the proper facilities for your pet's care.

Payment Options

We gladly accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and ScratchPay.

Please be aware that we do NOT accept personal checks or Care Credit.

All payment is due at time services are rendered.